Fixing A Digital Scale

Fixing A Digital Scale When dealing with a high-end industrial digital scale, the wealth of dynamic features can give way to awe and intimidation. Set up of these machines is generally very user friendly. For example, Textual and numeric information can be entered using the 0 – 9 numeric keypad, to track set points for batching, descriptions for parts counting, and layouts for printed labels, as described in detail in instruction manuals. There is even optional Windows based software that allows the data to be exported to other applications such as spreadsheets, or databases. Still, many users find themselves in a quandary when events do not go as planned or when readouts fail to provide the expected information.

The first step a digital scale owner should take is to locate the instruction manuals that came with the machine and see if the problem can be accessed on site by the owner himself. Often issues can be so simple that a digital scale user will over look them since they seem so commonplace. Many times, the issue is as small as a sensor or load cell connection. If the scale  shows 0.000 after placing some weight on pan, it may mean that a sensor or load cell connection is opened, it is wise to  check sensor connection and try again.

Once the provided instruction manuals have been accessed, assimilated and the problem itself seems beyond the knowledge base of a digital scale owner, a good calibration is the first line of defense. In fact, for optimal use, almost all scale manufacturers recommend some type of periodic calibration and maintenance routine for your digital and mechanical scales and balances.

If your digital balance or scale breaks, a technician trained by the factory is called for. When your scale needs calibration, these technicians can handle it promptly & efficiently with NIST traceable standards and documentation. It is important to find out if emergency loaner and rental scale equipment is available to keep your operation running. Make sure that the company you contact is certified. It is vital that the digital scale owner maintain complete documentation on the machine.

What is scale calibration?
Calibration of a scale is a procedure in which a technician uses known weights certified by the Bureau of Weights and Measures, to adjust the response of a mechanical or electronic weighing system to the following tests; the indicator must show zero when there is no weight on scale. When a known weight is applied the indicator must display the exact amount of applied weight. When weight is applied or removed incrementally the scale must display weight equal to that on the scale.

Finally, if a digital scale seems beyond repair by calibration, it is time to consider that years of wear and tear or an industrial accident could have damaged part or all of your digital scale. In this case, a certified representative can provide you with the information you need to replace the damaged part or give you good advice on a replacement scale.

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